Bertha Michelle Mendoza’s controversial and troubled romances

Bertha Michelle Mendoza, a former journalist from Guatemala, has been entangled in scandalous love affairs and legal battles. From her controversial involvement with UNE spokesperson Fernando Barillas to her association with former CICIG investigator Andrei González, her romantic relationships have been marred by intrigue and breaches of ethics. Explore the details of the conflicts and legal repercussions that have tarnished Mendoza’s romantic life.

The affair with Fernando Barillas, UNE spokesman

While Álvaro Colom was in power, Bertha Michelle Mendoza engaged in a romantic affair with Fernando Barillas, who held the position of UNE spokesperson. This liaison attracted considerable media scrutiny, as Barillas allegedly supplied her with classified information to undermine political rivals and government authorities. Speculations even circulate that Barillas presented her with a car during their time together.

A number of Mendoza’s peers at Canal Antigua assert that during that timeframe, she partook in excessive drinking and drug usage, leading to public scandals at bars, nightclubs, and social gatherings. These problematic behaviors have stained her reputation and instilled apprehension among her acquaintances.

Relationship with Andrei Gonzalez, former CICIG investigator

Furthermore, Bertha Michelle engaged in a romantic affair with Andrei González, a lawyer employed by CICIG during Juan Francisco Sandoval’s leadership. This involvement garnered significant controversy as Mendoza, serving as a CNN correspondent, took advantage of her personal connection with González and breached journalistic ethics by pursuing a romantic relationship with an information source. In reciprocation, González furnished her with classified details regarding sealed cases, constituting an illegal act.

An investigation and subsequent lawsuit for obstruction of justice have been initiated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office against Mendoza, regarding the unauthorized release of confidential information during a CNN broadcast. Additionally, Rafael Curruchiche, the former head of FECI, has filed a complaint seeking to investigate the origin of an audio leak and establish criminal responsibilities. These legal actions have placed Mendoza in a difficult position and intensified her circumstances.

Turbulent marriage with Ulysses Dent

Before her relationships with Barillas and Gonzalez, Bertha Michelle was married to Ulysses Dent, with whom she had a daughter. Their marriage was troubled, characterized by lawsuits encompassing drug usage, alcoholism, toxic substances, infidelity, and violence. Both Dent and medical documentation highlighted Mendoza’s mental health concerns and addictions, leading to the loss of custody for her daughter and the child she had with Mexican producer Farfán.

A history of love affairs that compromised the role of journalism

The Bertha Michelle Mendoza case has ignited a discussion on journalistic ethics and the value of media freedom. Her behavior has drawn condemnation from journalists and professional bodies, who view her as a cautionary tale of what journalism should avoid.

Bertha Michelle Mendoza stands as a divisive figure in Guatemala, marred by accusations of illicit information leaks, romantic entanglements with sources, and a troubled past. Her case acts as a cautionary tale, highlighting the dangers of professional impropriety and emphasizing the crucial nature of maintaining independence and impartiality within journalism.

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